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Conversations That Win The Complex Sale

Using Power Messaging to Create More Opportunities, Differentiate Your Solutions, and Close More Deals.

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A groundbreaking twist on a proven technique that guarantees more sales.

In Conversations That Win The Complex Sale, you will learn a proven methodology for engaging your client through compelling storytelling that ensures you stand out at every touch point in the sales process.

The principles and practices revealed in this book are actively used by sales and marketing executives at some of the biggest and most admired companies … and they're seeing real results!

Why you need Conversations That Win:

About the Book:

In today’s highly competitive world of complex sales, commoditization of your brand is one of the greatest dangers. You must differentiate yourself from the competition—or you will lose out. And the way to do that is through customer engagement. Rather than sell your own corporate story and brand message, you need to tell customers their story—the one in which they are the heroes and they achieve success.

Erik Peterson and Tim Riesterer have been developing and honing their Power Messaging sales technique for more than 20 years, and now they reveal all their secrets in Conversations That Win the Complex Sale.

Presenting a catalog of facts or playing 20 questions with prospective customers is the surest way to lose the sale. Peterson and Riesterer provide the tools you need to recraft your message into a compelling story that wins more deals.

With Conversations That Win the Complex Sale, you’ll learn how to:

Your competitors are out there telling their own corporate story—a story customers don’t want to hear. Now is the time to seize the moment.This book is the one and only source you need to reframe your sales story and turn the tables on the competition by fully engaging their would-be customers.

Conversations That Win the Complex Sale helps you create and deliver messages that customers care about, giving your brand the clear edge in today’s crowded markets.

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"Power Messaging sticks with you, and it works."

David Bonnette, Group Vice President
North America Sales, Oracle

"Power Messaging is a foundational element in our global marketing campaigns and sales training programs. We believe the concepts are core to engaging in customer conversations that are focused on their outcomes and what they want to achieve."

Karen Quintos, CMO & SVP, Dell Inc.

"The concepts outlined in this book are critical skills to building a world-class presales organization."

Ken Hamel, Senior Vice President, Global Solutions and Presales, SAP

"Our new messaging, using the approaches presented in this book, is great, and is being widely used by our sales team. We've never had a year-end sales meeting with content that was met with such widespread acceptance and enthusiasm."

Jerry D. Cline, Senior Vice President, Retail Sales and Marketing, AmerisourceBergen Drug Company

"The best salespeople sit across the table and make change easy for their customer by creating a succinct story and vision for what to change, how to change it, and how it will impact customer results. An enterprise focus on sales messaging, using the concepts in this book, is the hidden secret to driving incremental sales productivity and overwhelming customer success"

Ken Powell, Vice President, Worldwide Sales Enablement, ADP

About The Authors

Erik Peterson

Erik Peterson
Vice President of Strategic Consulting, Corporate Visions, helps companies and salespeople around the world win at the three-foot level—when they're sitting across the table from their most important prospects. Companies such as GE, AmerisourceBergen, and Oracle have sought his help to create their simple, differentiated, and memorable story. Peterson has delivered consulting, keynotes, and messaging skills workshops to more than 10,000 salespeople in 13 countries, and he leads a team that's delivered this work in 56 countries around the world.
Follow Erik on Twitter @EAPeterson 

Tim Riesterer

Tim Riesterer
Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President of Products and Consulting, Corporate Visions, is a recognized thought leader and practitioner in the area of marketing and sales messaging. His first book, Customer Message Management, focused on increasing a marketing department's impact on selling by providing customer-relevant, salesready messaging and tools that salespeople will actually use. Now, he's turned his attention to salespeople themselves and what actually happens when they are in front of the customer with their lips moving.
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